Client of the Month – Liverpool BID Company

Liverpool BID brings additionality through street transformation, connectivity and collaboration to enhance our community. They are passionate about what they do, strategic, resourceful, visionary and here to support you when you need them. Katie Bentley explains more about the company and the impact it has.

Can you briefly describe your role as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications at Liverpool BID Company?

Liverpool BID has over 850 levy payers across Liverpool city centre. There are also multiple partners like Liverpool city council, Merseyside Police and business and industry organisations that feed into the public realm and are invested in the work of Liverpool BID. My role is to manage these relationships and coordinate how we talk to them through the year.

How did you come to be involved with the Liverpool BID Company, and what drives your passion for its mission?

Liverpool BID comes with a strong mission to make the city centre a better place to live and work. For anyone invested in the city, the ability to shape it is an incredible ambition and something you are proud to be involved with

As a prominent figure in Liverpool BID, what’s one thing you wish more people knew about the work you do, or the impact of BID in the community?

The determination of the people within the team to contribute to life being better in the city. A team of a lot of Scousers, a lot of people who are north west born and bred wanting to play a role in the life of one of our great cities

Liverpool BID Company has a strong vision to transform and enhance Liverpool. In your own words, how would you describe the most significant impacts BID has made in the city?

In the two decades since its inception, Liverpool BID has played a central role in creating a 21st century city centre that is safe, confident, attractive to both businesses and visitors and, most of all, determined to be a success.

The role of strategic partnerships is crucial for BID’s success. Can you share some key collaborations that have been especially impactful for Liverpool?

Working with the city’s cultural organisations helps to transform the public realm so the work we do with Liverpool Biennial and dot-art at the Liverpool plinth enriched our cultural life. With individual businesses those collaborations that help them feel part of the city are great – like Eurovision and the pumpkin trail.

From the Liverpool BID Company’s perspective, what do you think will be the lasting memory or legacy of hosting Eurovision in Liverpool?

Joy. It’s easy for city life to become a bit of a grind and a trudge but I think Eurovision reminded us how much fun it is when we all work together to make people happy

Liverpool BID oversees various sectors, from retail and leisure to culture and accommodation. Can you share a specific project or initiative from one of these sectors that you’re particularly proud of?

The successful Accommodation BID is really significant. Liverpool is the first city in the UK to have an operating Accommodation BID representing the hotel and serviced accommodation industry. Empowering them to have a say in their future is critical and it brings major events to the city through a subvention fund which benefits everyone

Liverpool has a rich history and cultural significance. How does the BID Company plan to leverage these unique aspects for business growth and attracting tourism?

It’s about telling stories and critically about making others feel confident to tell their own story. You say it this year, when people are reminded how beautiful and welcoming Liverpool is they want to come back

Can you share any sustainable or eco-friendly initiatives that the BID Company is championing to make Liverpool a more environmentally conscious city?

Liverpool BID firmly believes you have to lead the way yourself to inspire others to do the same. We are committed to being a Net Carbon Zero company by 2030. This year we launched a survey with our levy payers to help them get on the same path. That will help us to map the support they need to help meet the city’s ambitious targets to be more sustainable.

How is the Liverpool BID Company fostering a supportive environment for startups and innovators in the city?

The rateable value threshold of our levy payers is £45k in our BID areas. That might seem like a small thing but it enables small businesses to get the benefit of being in a BID area. Networking is vital as it helps to show people the wealth of expertise and experience at their fingertips

Outside of major events like Eurovision, what are the primary challenges and opportunities the BID Company sees for Liverpool businesses?

Keeping going, in truth. It’s been a tough few years and part of our role is as champion and cheerleader to help people move forward

How has MICT contributed to the ongoing success and initiatives of the Liverpool BID Company?

Connectivity is part and parcel of what Liverpool BID does. We work both face to face and online and helping us to keep our communications going, day and night, helps us to ensure we can continue to deliver for our levy payers.

We’d like to thank Katie Bentley of Liverpool BID for taking the time to talk to us. If you would like support for your business and want to deal with an IT company that doesn’t believe in trapping you into long contracts, then why not get in touch? You can fill out our contact form or call us on 0151 708 0702 


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