Client of the month – Collinge & Co

A famous name in the North West, we're delighted to have been able to have a chat with Collinge & Co as this month's client of the month. Collinge & Co have an enviable reputation as being the place to train and have contributed to the success of stylists across the city and beyond.

Could you tell us more about the different salon locations you have across Liverpool, including your presence in Selfridges Trafford Centre, and what each one offers to clients?

Collinge & Co is family-owned Liverpool-based hairdressing business. We have five salons, two in Liverpool, one in Ormskirk, Heswall and in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. We are specialist training provider of hairdressing apprenticeships, training apprentices for over 100 salons in the Liverpool City Region, Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester. Additionally, we manufacture range of hair care and stylist products, also called Collinge & Co, that is sold in our salons and online.

The Collinge name is synonymous with excellence in training. How has your training programs contributed to the success of your stylists and the industry as a whole?

Collinge & Co Training was a very early adopter of Modern Apprenticeships, and since then we have always had the attitude of being an early adopter of the latest hairdressing programmes and developing our training techniques to ensure we are using the latest most effective pedagogy, so that the hairdressing apprentices are training to the best possible level. More recently, as a training organisation, we have been very involved in working with other training providers and IFATE in developing and providing feedback for the new apprenticeship standards. The new standards place a lot of emphasis on an end-point assessment which we think will raise the general standards of hairdressing. We also place great importance on personal development so young apprentices feel more confident in themselves and everything they do.

Could you describe the unique atmosphere and experience that clients can expect when they visit a Collinge & Co salon?

Our salons are happy places where you and your hair are the stars and our expert teams are our client’s champions. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service that allows each client’s individuality to shine.

How do you stay at the forefront of hairdressing trends and techniques, and how does this commitment to innovation benefit your clients?

Continuous training is essential in an industry like hairdressing that it influenced by trends and fashion. We conduct biannual company Masterclasses, featuring presentations on cutting-edge hairdressing techniques, emerging trends, and a preview of the upcoming season’s fashions. Hair colour training is incorporated into our schedule multiple times a year for each team, ensuring proficiency in the latest colouring techniques. Additionally, we customise skill-development training based on the unique needs of individual hairdressers.

Our Creative Team actively participates in live demonstrations at industry shows, providing an excellent platform to showcase our innovative work and draw inspiration from fellow professionals. We also prioritise photographic shoots as a means to produce imaginative hairdressing, often entering the results into competitions. These competitions serve not only as a showcase but also as a valuable opportunity for our hairdressers to challenge themselves against other exceptionally talented individuals in the field.

Collinge & Co is a family-owned business with a rich legacy. How do you balance tradition and innovation in your approach to hairdressing?

Through all the years our teams have always cared about delivering amazing customer service to our clients and we have always maintained a focus on hairdressing artistry. The harmonious integration of these two elements is instrumental in upholding high standards staying abreast of the latest hairdressing techniques and listening to our clients.

How do you source and develop talent within the company, and what opportunities are available for aspiring hairdressers to join your team?

The majority of our hairdressers commence their journey with us straight from school, entering our apprenticeship program. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, this program is designed to comprehensively prepare hairdressers for a sustainable and successful career.

Moreover, we offer a distinctive initiative where newly qualified hairdressers engage in our Graduates Salon on Bold Street concurrently with their pursuit of an Advanced & Creative hairdressing apprenticeship. The Graduate program serves as a pivotal component in our commitment to training hairdressers to exceptionally high standards. Notably, a significant portion of participants in this program embark on lengthy and successful careers within our company. In recognition of its excellence, the program was honoured with a Princess Royal Training Award in 2019.

Looking ahead, what are Collinge & Co’s goals and aspirations for the future, and how do you envision the next chapter in the company’s journey?

We have recently rebranded as Collinge & Co (from Andrew Collinge), refurbished out flagship salon on Castle Street and launched a new website. We are delighted with the results from all three projects and we feel very excited about the future of the company. The salons and the training division are performing very well and our focus for growth in 2024 is with the hair care products.

Lastly, how has MICT, your IT support and MSP provider, played a crucial role in supporting Collinge & Co’s IT infrastructure? Can you share any specific ways in which their services have benefited your business?

MICT has provided a complete wraparound service for our IT support, advice, designing systems, implementing hardware and software upgrades and day-to-day support. We are open 7 days a week, with late closing times too, so it is important that our systems and hardware is robust so that we don’t have any downtime at busy trading times. Not only do MICT help us achieve this objective, but they provide key personnel with the right tools and knowledge troubleshoot and resolve issues internally.

As a training provider data security and retention is very important. MICT support us in being compliant and also in designing systems from a data security first approach.

If you would like to learn more about our services, or book a discovery call with a team member, please get in touch, we’re here to help!

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